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What makes wahuboard so special

schnelle Lernkurve

fast learning curve

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

wahuboard Community

100% fun factor

Over 40,000 enthusiastic wahu boarders


Fun for the whole family

The wahu balance board is pure family fun! Especially with my children the coolest actions arise and you always have something to laugh. I am really proud of how well they can already balance on the board.

Stefan (12.08.21, 20:35)


Staying fit with the fun factor

After my first board session, I felt muscles that I hadn't known I had before. 😁 With the right tricks, it can really exhaust you quickly and become a real workout. I think it's really great!

Simon (23.02.22, 11:15)

Brand Trust Germany

We are the balance board brand 2022

In a representative survey on the subject of balance boards, we were named test winner in the brand trust category by Markenvertrauen Deutschland. This makes us one of the most trusted brands from 2022.

Our DIY Board

Bringing your creativity to your board

🎨 Surface not sealed
🎨 perfect for individual design
🎨 paintable with acrylic paints

✅ only 129,00€ incl. VAT


Become a part of the wahu community

Join the free wahu community on Facebook and connect with other wahu boarders. Show your progress and get exciting trick ideas and DIY inspiration.

Your Balance Board is waiting for you!

Are you looking for a sport with a high fun factor? Then we can congratulate you, because you have just found it! Discover together with us the endless fun of movement, which is offered by Balance Boards aka Wobble Boards offer you. We will be happy to answer your most important questions about the topic "Balance Board". You will learn how, what and where you can train with the Balance Board. We will show you the small - but important - differences between the various balance boards and will also clarify what you should pay attention to when buying your new balance board. In addition, we'll show you some cool tricks that you can do on the balance board - from beginner to professional level. This and many more interesting information and inspirations about the balance board are waiting for you here... so here we go.

What is a balance board?

The most important clue about how a balance board works is already hidden in its name: It allows you to train your balance. So it's a balance board, sometimes called a wobble board, that helps you improve your coordination. It works similarly to a surfboard, snowboard or skateboard, but has one decisive advantage: you can use it indoors, which makes it absolutely weather-independent. How does it work exactly? Together with your balance board you also get a balance board roller. You can position the Balance Board on this and then climb on it. The movement of the roll causes the Balance Board to move as well, so you have to rebalance yourself again and again. This sounds simple at first, but it offers a lot of possibilities for cool exercises and tricks, each adapted to your training level. In the beginning, it's all about keeping your balance on your wobble board. Then you can slowly try to move on the balance board and balance again and again. If you can do that - and you can do that relatively quickly - you can start doing the tricks. Do you feel like it?

What can I train with a balance board?

A balance board, what is it actually good for? We can explain that to you in detail. As already briefly mentioned, with a balance board you can train your whole body in the areas of fitness, coordination and balance. Actually, much more than that. In fact, with the Balance Board you train muscles that you didn't even know existed. Because on the Balance Board, your entire body is in action. Countless different muscles and muscle groups are activated while balancing on the Balance Board and the Balance Board Roll. Muscles that you tend to neglect when doing exercises in the gym, for example. In addition, all your muscles are trained in interaction and not individually. This results in a much greater and more lasting training effect. But enough talking - here are a few cool tricks that will surely make you want to go boarding:

Balance Board Exercises

Let's start with an easy exercise on the balance board, the "Hang Ten". You can do this even as a beginner with little experience on the balance board. To do this, stand on your balance board, balance yourself, and then hike your feet to the top of the board while maintaining your balance. Too easy? Then we'll move right on to the "Low Leg Rise". The idea here is to bend your knees on the balance board, balance briefly, and then extend one leg forward as well. As soon as you manage this, you can call yourself a balance board expert with a clear conscience. But of course there's more - namely with difficulty level number three for balance board pros. A trick in this category would be the "Hands Board Drop". This one is really a challenge, but we believe in you! So grab your balance board and you're off. You throw it with a twist onto your balance board roll and hop right after it. You should land in the middle of the balance board, where you then have to balance yourself as fast as lightning. Our tip: After each trick you successfully master, send us a video of it. Then we will celebrate your progress together with the wahu balance board community. Of course we are looking forward to new balance board tricks and inspirations - best via Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to seeing you and your balance board!

What types of balance boards are

There are now an incredible number of different balance boards on the market, made of different materials and in a variety of shapes. Most balance boards are made of wood, but not always completely. However, there are also balance boards made of plastic. From many years of experience, we would advise against these. They may be tempting for beginners at first glance due to their low price, but you will quickly reach your limits on these simple balance boards. For cool tricks, e.g. jumps or flips, you need a balance board made of a robust material. That's why we recommend wood as the material for your new balance board. The more wood your balance board has, the better. Let's take our wahu balance board as an example. We developed it with 12 layers of wood and a robust surface made of real wood veneer for a good reason. This ensures that your tricks, jumps and flips can get a little crazier - and your balance board can handle it without any problems. Apart from the material, you should also pay attention to the balance board dimensions in order to experience maximum board fun. There are many small, round balance boards on the market on which you can only stand and balance yourself. Then that's it. For real exercises that activate your entire body and different muscle groups, your balance board needs to be a bit bigger, of course. You don't have to buy a big balance board that takes up half your living room. But certain dimensions are an advantage. During our time as boarders, we have found that about 30 centimeters wide and 80 centimeters long is a good surface for all kinds of exercises. Then, of course, there is the bend and curvature. Our wahu balance board, for example, tapers towards the ends. So you stand stable in the middle and at the same time you have a lot of room for tricks. Our wahu Balance Board is curved in the dynamic Rockashape, i.e. with a bend in both directions. So you have unlimited trick possibilities besides normal balance exercises.

What do I have to consider when buying a balance board?

So. Now you already know what a balance board is exactly, what you can train with it and have a rough overview of the different types of balance boards. Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty: If you want to buy a balance board, you should read up on the topic of "balance boards" beforehand. Since there are now numerous balance boards on the market, the choice is not so easy. Which shape is the right one? Which material should I use? Do I need accessories? These and many other questions will surely occupy you before buying your new balance board. As balance board professionals with years of experience, we can help you. We show you what you should look for when buying your new balance board.

Material and shape must be right

When buying your new balance board, you should pay attention to high-quality material and the right shape. We have already briefly mentioned: the more wood, the better. Wood is an incredibly robust material that allows you to perform numerous tricks on the balance board. Tricks where a plastic wobble board might break, crack or at least get heavily scratched. And you can believe us: you will soon master tricks that you wouldn't even dare to dream of today. The improvement on the balance board is unbelievably fast with regular training. That's why you should take precautions and get a balance board that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Such a wobble board has to withstand a lot, we know from experience. That's why we developed the wahu balance board with 12 layers of wood and a surface made of real wood veneer. The whole thing is of course Made in Germany, because best quality and workmanship are extremely important to us. After all, we want you to have fun with your wobble board for a long time. The positive side effect of the production in Germany: The supply chains and transport routes are extremely short, which is not only good for the environment, but also guarantees that you can quickly hold your new wobble board in your hands. Three birds with one stone - that's how we like it! But on to the question of what your new wobble board should look like. So let's get to the shape. We didn't choose this one for purely aesthetic reasons, but it also serves its function. The dynamic rockashape contributes significantly to the fact that you can enjoy maximum stability and maximum trick freedom during your training. Jumps and flips will be easy for you, because you don't have to move too much material, but you have exactly enough material for a firm stand. Try it out - then you will know very quickly exactly what we mean! Not quite as important, but still beautiful: At wahu you can choose your wobble board in different designs. All-natural wood look, rich sea blue or patterned - our wahu balance boards come in a variety of looks. One of them will fit you perfectly! Nice to know: Our wahu Balance Boards come with a cork roller, so you can start boarding right away. Why a cork roller? Well, cork is a natural and very durable material. It allows for a wonderful gliding effect without being too slippery. It is also well suited for outdoor use. Sure, one advantage of the balance board is that you can use it indoors in any weather. But you can also enjoy your freedom of movement on the Balance Board outdoors. In summer when the sun is shining at the lake or simply in the garden or on the balcony you need almost no preparation and can start immediately. Our tip: Plan about 15 minutes a day for your Balance Board at the beginning of your training. It doesn't sound like much, but in that time you can accomplish quite a bit on the wobble board. And from experience, those 15 minutes will quickly turn into 20, then 30, and then 60 anyway... because it's just so darn fun! But wait, we haven't even mentioned the extra plus of your wahu Balance Board yet: Your wahu Balance Board and its packaging are completely plastic-free! We think that's extremely important in today's world. And even more: Your wahu Balance Board even contributes to sustainability. Because for every wahu Balance Board we clean the sea and the beaches around Bali together with Dominik and his startup Oceanmata. For each balance board, 1 kilogram of plastic waste is recycled. We do this because we have experienced the conditions on the beaches of Bali ourselves. So much garbage in the sea - that hurts our hearts and souls as passionate surfers. We simply have to take action... will you join us?

What are the advantages of a balance board?

You've already been informed quite extensively on the subject of balance boards. But let's briefly go into the many balance board benefits and briefly summarize them. The first advantage we would mention is the fact that you can do your training at any time, completely independent of the weather. This is not the case with every sport and is of great value for continuous progress. Of course you can use your balance board outdoors in good weather, for example at the lake or in your garden. But just think of all the rainy, windy, or just plain brisk cold days when you'll be glad to stay home and still be able to train equally well. This brings us to the second advantage: the training effect. The Balance Board unfolds its Balance Board effect on your whole body during training. You do not train individual muscles or muscle groups separately, but in interaction with each other. This is incredibly beneficial for your body. Your posture will improve, your fitness in general and also your body awareness. The training is never boring. On the one hand, because there are endless tricks and exercises for the Balance Board, and on top of that, you can of course get creative yourself. On the other hand, the Balance Board can also be used for different training aspects. Use it as a fitness balance board or as a balance board for balance exercises or as a balance board for muscle building - you can train many different areas with the balance board. Another advantage of the Balance Board is that it takes up very little space. For some sports you need a lot of equipment. It needs to be stored, cared for - and of course bought in the first instance. Some purchases may turn out to be a mistake, because it can take a few weeks or months to gain the overview and expertise in a new sport that is important for making purchasing decisions. Or a few bad purchases. Of course, this puts a strain on your wallet. With the Balance Board you can forget this problem. You simply buy our wahu Balance Board, which of course includes the Balance Board roller, and that's it. Thanks to the robust construction and the high-quality material, your new Balance Board can withstand a body weight of up to 120 kilograms for a long, long, long time. Our tip: Have a look in our store the wall mount for your wahu balance board. With it, your wobble board is not only quickly stored away, but also a decorative highlight in your living room. And another advantage: With your balance board you become part of a large communityin which a lively exchange takes place. You can, for example, post on our Facebook- or Instagram-channel to discover numerous videos. Get inspired to do new exercises, show off your skills, or meet up with like-minded people in your area. Sometimes you might feel like working out alone at home, but other times you might want to meet people, make friends and chat a bit. So join the community!

And is a balance board good for your back

We get one question very often: Is training on a balance board good for my back? Clear answer: Yes. Because with the Balance Board you train your whole body, strengthen your entire musculature and thus also improve your posture. In the long run, the Balance Board is also good for your back. And we can add to that right away: The Balance Board is also very good for your back because it strengthens your abdominal muscles. The abdomen is always involved in maintaining balance. And a strong back also requires a strong abdomen. It is the counterpart, so to speak. Only with its help can your back become strong and pain-free. In addition, the fun of balance boarding loosens you up overall. Your shoulders and neck may tense up during the first few workouts, this happens automatically out of insecurity. However, as soon as you start to feel comfortable and confident on the balance board, relaxation sets in in these areas. You casually perform your tricks, your body becomes loose and supple... just try it out! You stay healthy and fit by training regularly with the Balance Board. If you have had really serious back problems for years, maybe even with a slipped disc or something similar, then you should consult your doctor before doing certain tricks with jumps or maybe just avoid them. This is not a problem, because the Balance Board has an infinite variety of exercises for you even without these jumps. So it's better to play it safe and strengthen your muscles and posture.

Can I lose weight with my Balance Board

Another question that comes up again and again: Does the Balance Board help me lose weight? Let's put it this way: training on your balance board will make you sweat, that's for sure. And of course, numerous muscles and muscle groups are trained and strengthened. You burn a lot of calories. But of course, weight loss success doesn't just depend on your balance board. You can train as much as you want, on the Balance Board or otherwise, but if you eat a bar of chocolate, a packet of potato chips and three beers in the evening, your belly will remain. Your pounds will only fall off if you also pay attention to a healthy diet in addition to the exercises with the Balance Board. We have to be honest with you at this point. The Balance Board is not a miracle weapon against waist fat, but it is of course a great help in losing weight.

Use the advice of a professional

Are you buzzing with information about the "Balance Board"? We can understand that. We are happy to offer you a personal consultation before you buy. If you want to buy a balance board, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or via the help portal on our website. We are a team of skateboard, snowboard and surf fanatics - someone is sure to have the right answer to your question. Through years of experience on all boards and of course through the development of the wahu balance board, we are now real professionals and know many details that can also help you with the purchase decision. In addition, we are always happy about the exchange with like-minded people - or those who would like to become one. We are simply 100% convinced of our balance board and want to share our enthusiasm with the whole world. Do you know this? When your heart really burns for something? Then you can surely understand us and maybe you will soon be "on board" with us. On the Balance Board! We are looking forward to you!

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