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Playfully more balance

Balance fun for your toddler

Our little ones are full of energy every day. They want to try things out and always discover something new. With the wahu children's board, they can be wonderfully sporty and creative. The curved shape provides a safe basis for all kinds of balance games - for example, wobbling, swinging, pulling or bouncing. In quieter hours, the children's board invites them to relax, read or dream as a cozy place to lie down.

Individual & creative

Design your kids balance board now

With our DIY paints you can paint your boards together, have a great time together and let your imagination run wild. Everyone can mix his favorite shades together and conjure up an absolutely unique board. Of course, our colors are certified organic and therefore ideally suited for children. The integrated sealant also ensures that your DIY artwork will last a long time... so: let's go!

Have fun without risk

Made in Germany & high quality

Our award as Balance Board "Brand of the Year" and the fact that we have all our boards produced in Germany speak a clear language: We want to bring the perfect balance feeling to your home! In the category brand trust we were awarded test winner. This makes us one of the most trusted brands from 2022.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the Balance Board Kids suitable?

The wahu kids board is perfect for all toddlers who want to move. For older children (from approx. 5 years) we recommend the wahu Balance Board Beginner to playfully train the sense of balance.

How to use the Balance Board Kids?

Whether swinging, sitting, lying, pulling or painting - the wahu Balance Board Kids has countless uses. With a little imagination, children can dive into a whole new world, have fun and improve their sense of balance.

From how many years is the board suitable?

We recommend it to all children who can already crawl or stand. From our experience, children between 1-4 years have the most fun with it. From about 5 years, the "big ones" can then switch to our wahu Balance Board Beginner for a little more challenge.

Does the jump rope come with the board?

Each package contains a free skipping rope, because it enriches the use of the balance board immensely. With the skipping rope, the little ones can become even more creative and come up with numerous other possible uses.

What material is the board made of?

The board is made of unvarnished beech wood "MADE IN GERMANY". It is characterized especially by its high quality workmanship and special design.

Can you paint the board?

Yes - and it's really great fun! The surface of the board is unpainted, so you can easily paint it with the wahu paint set. There are no limits to creativity and of course the whole family can join in. Who will think of the funniest or most exciting motif?

Where can I store the Balance Board Kids?

With the wahu wall mount, you can store the wahu Balance Board Kids very easily and space-saving. The great thing about it: In this way, the board also becomes a unique eye-catcher in the children's room.

Do I need a mat for boarding?

Not necessarily, although it can offer you a few advantages. For example, our non-slip sisal mat protects your floor from scratches or scratches. And it also ensures that the board does not wobble or slide as quickly as on a smooth surface.

Become a part of the wahu community

Join the free wahu community on Facebook and connect with other wahu boarders. Show others your progress, get exciting trick ideas and DIY inspiration.

For each board sold we collect 1kg of ocean plastic from the sea

You always wanted to contribute to clean oceans? We have found a way how we can do it together. Together with Dominik and his startup Oceanmata we can free the ocean and the beaches around Bali from plastic waste. For every wahu balance board sold, we can directly collect 1kg of ocean plastic and thus clean nature from this trash.

So far we have been able to collect over 6000+ kg of plastic. Help us and become a part of this great movement with your wahu board. 🌊


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