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wahu Balance Board im Test

wahu balance board in test

The fact that you reduce ocean waste by one kilogram with the purchase of a Wahu Balance Board could be an appealing point to get you more interested in the board. If we also tell you that you will not only get a high performance, but also versatile and sustainable balance board, you will be able to use it for a long time. balance board across your floor, it could get even more exciting.

We have tested the board and are happy to share all details and impressions with you here.


With the Balance Trainer from Wahu you don't need waves, ramps or handrails, on the board you can learn perfect tricks indoors and work your way up to a real pro. The Rockershape of the Wahu Balance Board makes it a versatile trainer.

The curved shape with a pointed and clearly upturned nose (as well as a slight tail rocker) has the advantage that you can also try your hand at turns. Because the foot finds ideal conditions on the board tip for a fast learning curve from the first balance exercises to snappy moves.

For stand up paddlers, surfers, skaters or snowboarders, the Wahu Balance Board is also perfect for staying fit in the off-season.

The tail of the board is reminiscent of a surfboard and is designed as a small dovetail. This has no impact in terms of functionality, but brings a cool look.

When you lean it against the wall, however, the notch has the advantage that it simply stands better than balance boards with a purely round tail. The board has a sufficiently thick and stable construction to support 120 kilograms of body weight.

In width, it brings 30 cm, in the middle of the board to 80 cm total length with and comes to a weight of 1,350 grams.

This puts it well within the average range, which promises both less experienced riders fast progress and gives advanced riders an authentic and convincing board feel for small professional tricks.

In terms of dimensions, the Wahu Balance Board comes close to the Costaboard Black Zebra , which we have also already tested. The decisive difference, however, is the Noserocker, which is significantly larger on the wahu board.

This makes the board a bit more challenging to ride, but also allows more leeway for advanced riders when it comes to tricks.

The Wahu Balance Board does not have stoppers. These small reinforcements on the undersides are an added advantage if you're not quite as confident in your balance yet, because you simply come up more gently. However, this does not detract from the matter for beginners , because the included cork roller makes up for the safe balance training with its dimensions quite well.

The board from wahu offers a good grip when barefoot. With socks, it is similar to the Black Zebra from Costaboard but a bit slippery.

Wahu Cork Roll

You get the cork roller with your purchase of the Wahu Balance Board, so you can jump right in. Its 10 cm diameter is average, but the 40 cm length is a bit longer. This gives you better balance but also more flexibility in your movements.

You have a little more room to glide over the roller with the balance board. Cork also has the advantage that it is non-slip, which plastic rollers do not have. So you can be sure that you have a reliable grip between the board and the roller when doing exercises with the Wahu Balance Board.

However, you should only use the board indoors, so that the roller is not unnecessarily damaged by stones or uneven concrete surfaces. Unfortunately, a mat is not included in the delivery.

Somewhat irritating is that the included cork roller makes noise when the board rotates on the roller. This is not the case with other balance board sets. Even when we combined the roller of the kolibriboards Grip with the Wahu Balance Board Ocean Blue, there was no such noise when turning.


You can choose from a whole six color options when purchasing the Wahu Balance Board. The simplest is the "natural" version of the real wood board. It is also the cheapest.

In addition, you can choose from a blue, red, brown and black version as well as a cool design in beige-gray twill look.

For our test, we chose the "Ocean Blue" variant, which is also the most popular version of the Wahu Balance Board.

On the underside, all color variants are the same and kept in nature. The Wahu Board logo is simply placed in the nose area on the top. It comes in black in all color variants, except for the red one, where it blends in unagitatedly in gray.


The Wahu Balance Boards are all made of 100 percent real wood in regional factories in Germany and are sustainable. When you buy a Wahu Balance Board, you're not just buying a high-performance balance board, you're also saving the world a little bit.

Even the packaging is completely free of plastic. For every board sold, you also support Wahu's collaboration with the start-up Oceanmata, which removes one kilogram of plastic waste from the ocean.

The surface made of real wood veneer also makes the Wahu Balance Board durable in terms of appearance. This is because it is scratch-resistant and retains its beautiful look for a long time.

The workmanship is extraordinarily convincing and the construction is robust and stable, there's no other way to put it. Buyers are also consistently enthusiastic about the great balance trainer.

Above all, we really like the reflective "wahu" logo. This gives the balance board with the surfboard look a very high-quality look.

Who is the Wahu Balance Board suitable for?

With the model from Wahu, you get an ideal balance board for both adults and children in the house. You don't have to be a balance pro to move around on the board either, and you shouldn't be put off by the lack of stoppers.

The board is not the widest, but offers enough stability even for beginners to enable a steep and frustration-free learning curve. Especially advanced riders will enjoy the Wahu Balance Board in a different way, because the Rockershape guarantees perfect tricks and turning exercises.

The long cork roller also allows for a pleasantly large range of motion, which both beginners and advanced skaters will appreciate for their respective needs.

The Wahu Balance Board is also perfect for staying fit outside of SUP, surf and snowboard season.


With a Balance Board like the Wahu, you can train yourself perfectly in terms of balance and coordination. Even if you just try to stand on it without moving back and forth on the roller, you are really doing good for your core muscles.

Because everything works here, your abdominals, your back, your butt, your feet, your calves. If you include the movement on the roller to the right and left in the next step, you will intensify this effect even more and you can be sure that you have activated almost everything in your body here, including your concentration.Learn more about Balance Board exercises.

If you want to buy a WahuBalance Board , you will definitely not be angry about a bad investment later on. Unless you've lost interest in balance and coordination training in general, in which case Wahu is not to blame.

Because the brand delivers everything you can expect from a good balance board to your home: Stability, durability and strong performance. And it's also sustainable, which is good for the environment. Plus, when you buy a Wahu balance board, you're saving a whole kilogram of ocean waste.

No experience until much and a body weight of up to 120 kilograms are the basic requirements for the purchase of the WahuBalance Board. The cork roller is already included in the delivery, only a mat is unfortunately not. You would have to buy it separately.
Absolutely, beginners are welcome on the WahuBalance Board . With a little practice (it's best to always hold on to the wall first), you'll get to grips with the board pretty quickly.


With the Wahu Balance Board you get a sustainable board, which stands out from other balance boards because of its shape. Due to the curved shape, the board is very well suited for tricks like spins and the dovetail provides a better stand during storage.

The scope of delivery already includes a matching cork roller, so that the training can start right away. However, a non-slip base such as a balance board mat is recommended. During training, it is best to stand barefoot or with sports shoes on the Wahu Balance Board in order to have a good footing.

Nature lovers and environmentally conscious buyers are definitely well advised with this balance board: The Wahu is not only made in Germany, but also packaged plastic-free. In addition, 1 kg of plastic is fished out of the sea per board.

With its light weight, Wahu Balance Board fits in any backpack and is a top companion for friend meetings.



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