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Can training with the Balance Board be good for the back? We get this question again and again. And that's why we now have our own blog post on this topic. We would like to explain to you from different angles and in detail how you can use your balance board well for your back. To do this, we'll look in particular at the causes of back pain and then at the specific ways in which Balance Board training can help. In doing so, we'll look at how the right Balance Board Training exercises can release tension all the way down to the deep muscles. And of course, we'll also see that balance work and coordination on the Balance Board in particular are good for the back. Are you in? Then let's get started with Balance Board back work right away!

How does back pain develop?

In order to properly counteract back pain, it is imperative to know its cause. There are numerous triggers of back pain. Sometimes the problem is too much and too long lasting tension without the necessary relaxation. This often happens when working at the computer. Maybe you know it too: You sit strained over a task and don't even really notice how you bend forward, arch your back or adopt other strange sitting postures. Often you are so engrossed in your work that this tense posture is maintained for far too long. In addition, there are usually unsuitable chairs that do anything but promote ergonomic and dynamic sitting. The same principle underlies the "wrong" lying - i.e. lying on mattresses that are too hard, too soft or too old (i.e. worn out). You're probably familiar with this too: Your spine simply can't rest in its natural double-S shape on an unsuitable surface. The result is that your muscles can't TENSION, but have to TENSION to compensate for this incorrect position. And again, tension is the result. But here's the good news: unlike back pain from injury (which is a bit more specialized), we can address tension back pain well with numerous balance board exercises.

Solve back pain with these balance board exercises....

And we've got some good news for you right now: You don't even have to do wild tricks or difficult exercises on the balance board to do something good for your back. All you need to do is the basic balance and coordination exercises to loosen up your tight back muscles. Just stand on the board, try to turn off all thoughts and "wiggle" away. Because that's also extremely important for back pain: switch off, let go, don't (over)think. Then - especially on the Balance Board - a magical flow sets in. You feel your body, you feel inside yourself and you notice what does you good. So just balance yourself, test your limits and play with the movements while boarding. You will quickly notice how good it is for you. And how easily you can relax. Where there were cramped muscles before, there are now relaxed movements. Where before you "pulled yourself together" too much, you can now let your body run free. With our wahuBalance Board your back pain will be loosened, solved and blown away.

... and then strengthen your back.

But back to our question, "Is the Balance Board good for your back?". To strengthen your back, in addition to the basic balance training, where you also ALWAYS activate your back, you can resort to the breaststroke exercise . To do this, lie lengthwise with your chest on your balance board, pull your body completely straight lengthwise and place your feet on your toes. To compensate for the wobble, tighten your core muscles (abdomen and back!) as if you had a tight band wrapped around you. Once you are in balance and in control of your movements, begin the exercise as follows: try to keep your body as still as possible and move only your arms. First stretch them over your head, then move them in a semicircle over your side and end your movement at the hips. You can repeat this exercise ten to twenty times. But always make sure to keep your eyes on the floor so that you don't bend your neck. And always check your basic tension so that you have as little wobble as possible and can perform your movements in a controlled manner.

This abdominal swimming exercise already makes it clear that a strong back also requires a strong abdomen. This means that if you want to strengthen your back with the wobble board, you also have to train your abdomen! You can do this wonderfully with the Super Burner exercise, as we like to call it. To do this, sit lengthwise on your balance board, extend both legs upwards at an angle and simply hold this position for as long as possible. Well, easy might be the wrong word - do you see why we call this exercise Super-Burner? When you've done 15 seconds, and 15 seconds can be a really long time, you can congratulate yourself, pat yourself on the back and repeat the exercise right away. Then after five to ten reps, you get to rest. Or no, wait, maybe you want to quickly post a video of your "wobble board exercises back" in our wahu community on Facebook or Instagram . That's where all balance board enthusiasts exchange ideas and inspire each other to keep coming up with new tricks. Stop by and check it out!

Now you know how to use your balance board for back problems and relieve back pain with targeted balance board exercises. The key lies in the deep muscles of the back, which you activate through intensive whole-body training. So your balance board is good for your back. Now, of course, you want to strengthen your back with more Balance Board exercises... or maybe just have fun? Then take a look at our wahutrick guide . There you will always find new, creative tricks, but also balance board exercises for the back. Or you can browse a bit in our blog post "Find the right balance board exercises for you!". Do you have any questions about "Balance Board good for your back"? Or maybe about the Balance Board in general? Then we look forward to your call, your email or a chat with you!


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