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You often feel tired at your desk, especially in the afternoon? No wonder, with all that sitting. The best thing to do is to get some exercise and thus some variety into your office job. For example, by doing some office exercises or a little "sport in the office" workout. This will boost your circulation and increase your ability to concentrate. As a result, you'll be more productive and your work will be easier. Of course, it's important that you don't sweat, that you don't need a lot of space, and that the exercises don't take up too much time. We have a few suggestions for "sports in the office equipment" and exercises for you!

Sports exercises for the office: the best exercises at work

The good news first: You can work out your stomach, legs, buttocks, back and much more while you're at work. Sometimes even without attracting the attention of your colleagues. Many of the exercises we have compiled for you run invisibly, so to speak. Of course, you can also consciously take a little break from sports and use special "sports in the office" equipment, for example. You can do this alone in the little corner behind your desk or together with your colleagues. Simply get fit together and schedule a short session every two hours. This not only strengthens your fitness, but also your team cohesion.

Neck and back exercises at the office

Let's start right away with back exercises at the desk, because the back and neck area undoubtedly offer the greatest potential for danger in all sedentary activities. Due to the rigid sitting position and the tense posture in front of the screen, you cramp up in the long run, which can lead to unpleasant head, neck and back pain. So, exercising in the office without equipment is first and foremost about relaxing yourself, and then strengthening yourself in these areas secondarily. A well-trained neck, shoulder and back area ensures that your posture at the PC and also in everyday life will be correct in the future.

Sport in the office without equipment: the back stretcher

The back stretcher is incredibly good for you - you'll notice that right away. Just make yourself comfortable on your chair and lean your back against it. Stretch your arms out in front of your chest and interlace your fingers. Inhale deeply and slowly bring your arms over your head. Spend the next two breaths stretching your back intensely. Pull yourself upwards for a long time. Inhale deeply again and let your arms sink down to your sides as you exhale. For a further mobilization of your torso you can now stretch your arms out to the sides and then turn left and right. Tighten your abdomen so that your upper body remains stable.

Exercise in the office without equipment: the neck stretch

With the neck stretch you can effectively release cramped muscles. Sit upright and slowly tilt your head to the right until you feel a pulling sensation. You can now use your right hand to gently press the stretch, but it should not crack. Hold this position for about 15 seconds and then switch sides. Then follow with the back of the neck muscles. To do this, move your chin towards your chest until you feel a pull here as well. Light pressure with both hands on the back of the head supports you during the exercise. Stay in this position for about 15 seconds. This exercise in the office without equipment feels good, doesn't it?

Fitness in the office: 7 ultimate exercises from head to toe

If your back and neck are now nicely loosened up, you can of course continue with fitness in the office and specifically train many other muscles. Let's go from head to toe when exercising in the office without equipment to ensure a holistic strengthening of your entire muscular system. This includes arms, chest, abdomen, butt and legs.... so there's a lot to do - let's get started!

  1. Exercise in the office without equipment - triceps: Place your forearms on the tabletop in front of you with your hands flat and fingers closed in parallel. Now press your forearms hard on your table and hold this tension for about 15 seconds, then take a break for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Exercise in the office without equipment - biceps: Let your arms hang down and bend your forearms in front of your belly so that a 90 degree angle is created. Now place your right hand in your left from above and press both firmly together for 15 seconds. Then switch sides and repeat three times.
  3. Exercise in the office without equipment - chest: Sit upright at your desk, bring your palms together in front of your chest and press your hands firmly against each other for 15 seconds. Then relax for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise five times.
  4. Exercise in the office without equipment - abdomen: Sit on the front third of your chair, cross your arms in front of your chest, tense your abdomen and slowly lean back. Hold this position for 15 seconds and slowly return to the front. Can you do five reps? Our tip: Train the lateral abdominal muscles as well by turning your upper body slightly to the left or right as you move forward.
  5. Exercise in the office without equipment - buttocks: The buttocks are easiest to work out in between exercises, while sitting or standing. Just imagine that you have to hold a euro coin with your buttocks. There it is called: Clench tightly! Hold the tension for at least 15 seconds... as often as you like.
  6. Exercise in the office without equipment - legs: Place your feet under your desk at a 120 degree angle and then pull your toes up. Press your heels firmly into the floor. Hold this tension for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise five times.
  7. Our extra tip for exercising in the office without equipment: You can also take your exercise break at work outdoors. This has the advantage that you also get some fresh air. Motivate your colleagues to join in with a short walk or a few exercises.

These "sports in the office devices" exist:

Now we have talked a lot about sports without equipment, but now a few gadgets come into play. Special "sport in the office devices" have the advantage that they bring a tad more fun into the game and at the same time with it the motivation increases. It's true that you need a little more space for "sports in the office equipment" and your workout is no longer quite so inconspicuous, but that can also be a positive thing. Talk to your colleagues about the topic of sports in the office - equipment or not. Exchange experiences. Motivate each other. Just have a nice balance to sitting with a little movement. From our own experience we can recommend these "Sport in the office devices":

"Sport in the office equipment": the balance board for a lot of fun

With a balance board you can intensively train your deep muscles, improve your coordination and have a lot of fun at the same time. Thus, the balance board is one of the "sports in the office equipment", which offers you an effective balance to sitting. You do need a little space to balance on the wobble board, but the small piece behind your desk is easily enough. Our tip: If you're new to the Balance Board, you can hold onto your desk for the first few minutes on the board. You might want to take a look at our Beginner Guide. In this video we give you a lot of tips for a successful start on the Balance Board, for example in terms of carpet pad. If there is no carpet in your office, we recommend a suitable Balance Board mat so that you can enjoy a stable rolling feeling. Once you are securely standing on the board, you can start with the first exercises. Of course, we will also accompany you with easy-to-understand videos. Why not start a challenge with your colleagues - who can do which trick first?

"Sport in the office equipment": the fascia ball for a relaxed office routine

Fascia is on everyone's lips at the moment and really is an important part of your health. If they are not sufficiently loosened and supple, this leads to numerous problems - from headaches to joint pain. That's why, of course, it's advisable for all of us to engage in fascia training on a regular basis. But where to find the time? It's a good thing that many fascia can also be loosened by doing exercises at your desk. The fascia ball is therefore one of the "sports in the office devices" that should not be missing from any workplace. It takes up little space and provides an immediate effect both while sitting and standing. That's the great thing: If you already have pain, it will be alleviated directly. In addition, you prevent with each fascia ball unit. Perfect, isn't it? Our two favorite exercises go like this:

  1. Stand upright without shoes. Place the fascia ball under your heel and stand on it. Choose the right pressure for you (it should be a little uncomfortable, but of course it shouldn't hurt like hell) and roll the fascia ball forward from your heel to your toes. Proceed with minimal movements and stay at each new spot for 10 seconds. The first time is certainly no walk in the park, but improvement will come soon - I promise.
  2. Sit on your chair and clamp the fascia ball between the backrest and your back. Now you can control the pressure and choose exactly the spot that is particularly tense. Here you stay, as with the sole of the foot, at least 10 seconds. In this way you can loosen your entire back.

"Sport in the office equipment": the exercise ball for dynamic sitting

With an exercise ball you strengthen your upright posture by correcting it again and again. Due to the flexible base, you are actively challenged while sitting and thus constantly in motion. Incorrect postures are therefore not long-lasting, and tension is avoided. This is called dynamic sitting and is actually recommended for all office jobs. Maybe your employer has already provided a chair that allows dynamic sitting. In that case, you're lucky. However, if you work in a home office, you probably won't want to get one of those wickedly expensive special chairs. This is where the good old exercise ball comes into play, which you can also use with a posture if necessary. Put the ball on top of it and you have a dynamic sitting chair and your ball doesn't roll around anymore. In addition to just sitting, you can also use the exercise ball for office fitness exercises. So it is one of the "sports in the office devices", which convince by their multiple use.

Our conclusion on the topic of "sports in the office equipment" & exercises

Through targeted relaxation exercises in the office, fitness in the office or "sports in the office equipment" you create an important balance to the constant sitting at your workplace. A mix of invisible exercises directly at the desk, a "Sport im Büro-Geräte" workout and sufficient movement during breaks, preferably in the fresh air, is recommended. It is important that the "Sport im Büro-Geräte" can be used flexibly and do not take up much space. For this reason, we like to use the balance board, the fascia ball and the exercise ball. We are curious to see which "Sport in the Office" equipment you will soon be integrating into your daily work routine. And which ones might also make it into your leisure time. The Balance Board is also a great activity for weekends or after work. Outdoors and indoors. At any time. Try it out!


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