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We are wahu - and this is our vibe!

Our founder Niklas caught surf fever in Bali many years ago. You can't cure that (unfortunately), you can only pass it on. Once you have caught this passion for the sea, the waves and the board, you are lost - but that's a good thing.

So Niklas has brought the surf fever home with him

and developed the wahu Balance Board, an alternative for landlubbers. Since then, he has been infecting his surroundings bit by bit. Stefan, Max, Magdalena and Sebastian are now also part of the team. Together, the five continue to shape the wahu brand. What started with a balance board has now become a lifestyle . Useful board accessories, an active community and always new tricks never let boredom arise. So jump on the board and join in!

You too be wahu!

We didn't just make up the word wahu. It's Balinese, means"impressive"... and that says it all - about the dream beaches of Bali, about surfing in general and about the cool idea to make surfing with the wahu board possible on land as well. So you can get the surf vibe in your living room, in your garden or even in your office.

known as

Feel & preserve nature

Our great passion for surfing is also accompanied by an intimate connection to nature. On the board, we merge with the ocean and give ourselves completely to the power of the waves. The sight of polluted beaches hits us all the more. Plastic waste in particular is a huge burden on this sensitive ecosystem and its inhabitants - we simply can't stand by and do nothing.

For this reason, we are taking action in two areas: First, we prevent the production of new plastic by using only natural materials for all our products and their packaging . And secondly, we eliminate the trash on the beaches of Bali with the help of our partner Oceanmata. For every board sold, at least 1 kilogram of plastic waste is collected and professionally recycled. Support us in this important work!


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