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With our Balance Board Pad you kill three birds with one stone: You can roll better on your board, you protect your floor from scratches and you do something good for the environment. And if we're being really precise, there's even a fourth fly in the ointment - our Balance Board pad made of sisal also looks damn good. So your living room gets a stylish eye-catcher at the same time. But let's start from the beginning and take a closer look at the Balance Board Mat.

Balance Board mat made of sisal

First, the hard facts: Our wahu balance board mat has a size of 160x65 centimeters. So you can not only easily roll back and forth on it, but also do all flips, jumps and tricks. You have enough space. And the natural sisal is also robust enough. We deliberately chose this great natural fiber because it offers us three decisive advantages: First, it is extremely resistant and thus lasts almost forever. Secondly, it is antistatic and therefore does not hinder your boarding fun in any way. And third, it's plastic-free, which is a must for our sustainable company philosophy. So here we go - we'll show you what our wahu Balance Board pad made of sisal can do!

Non-slip sisal mat

What do you expect from a balance board mat? Right, that you can stand more securely on your board and roll better. On slippery laminate floors you might have the problem that your balance board gets "too fast". If you then put a conventional yoga mat underneath it, it usually makes waves after the first few passes. We love waves, but in this way. So a heavier material is important for a balance board pad. And a non-slip layer to keep the balance board pad in place. The sisal fibers are in combination with a non-slip underside for your safe stand on the balance board so perfectly suited. On the Balance Board base you can experience a completely new rolling feeling - try it out! By the way, you can find the right tricks in our wahutrick guide or in our wahucommunity.

Perfect ground protection

And not only you will benefit from the wahu balance board pad, also your floor will be happy. With the Balance Board pad made of sisal, there are no more scratches or scratches when a trick doesn't work. From now on, you can tackle any flip or jump, no matter how difficult, in a completely relaxed and carefree manner - without having to worry about your beautiful wooden floor in advance. Especially in rented apartments, rough scratches or cracks in the floor can not only be unsightly, but also cause real trouble. Save yourself the hassle and try out our practical Balance Board pad made of sisal. You will be thrilled - we promise!

As little plastic as possible

Besides the perfect rolling feeling and the optimal floor protection, the topic of sustainability was - as always - very important to us. Our wahuboards are plastic-free, our packaging is plastic-free, so of course the balance board base must also be plastic-free. And we have succeeded in doing this to 90 percent. Only with the anti-slip layer on the bottom of the balance board base we could not avoid a little plastic, so that you can really enjoy uncompromising board fun. So with the wahu balance board pad you don't get a "plastic bomb", as is the case with some yoga or gym mats, but a wonderfully pleasant natural product made of sisal.

Boarding in style

And because we like to combine the pleasant with the useful, our Balance Board pad also looks chic, of course. So chic, in fact, that you can leave it in your living room just like a regular rug. This saves you the annoying back and forth before and after boarding. Everything stays in place... and in 20 minutes at the latest you'll be ready for your board again anyway, right?

Our tip: Also check out our cool wahuwall mount for your balance board. You can attach it directly to the wall in your living room, quickly put your balance board on it when you're taking a break from training... and have a cool decoration at the same time!

Now you just need the right exercises and you're ready to go. Of course we are happy to help you with that. Take a look at our wahublog and get some inspiration. We are looking forward to seeing you!


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