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With the wahu Balance Board and the Balance Board Roll you can enjoy the perfect surf feeling at home in your living room without traveling. So turn up your favorite music, hop on your wahu balance board with the balance board roller and practice your very first trick. The fun factor is of course the main focus. But at the same time you train your whole body with the wahu board and the balance board roller. Your muscles are activated, your balance is put to the test and your coordination improves from minute to minute thanks to the Balance Board Roll. Try it and become a professional wahu boarder in just a few weeks!

At wahu you get the balance board with roller in one set, so that the board fun can start immediately. Just unpack it, get on it and start with the ultimate board feeling for your living room. The stable construction of the wahu board made of 12 layers of wood ensures extremely good stability and long-lasting fun with wahu boarding. Our boards are particularly scratch-resistant due to their surface made of real wood veneer and therefore convince not only with a long service life but also with a beautiful appearance. In addition, we have chosen exactly the right shape for the wahu balance board. The dynamic rockashape allows you maximum trick freedom, because the bending of our boards in both directions offers almost endless fun on the roller.

Included in the set: Roll for Balance Board

The balance board roller is of course included in our wahu board set - otherwise you wouldn't be able to start boarding right away. Our balance board roller is made of cork. Why? There are several reasons. Firstly, cork is an environmentally friendly material, which is very important to us. After all, we also pay attention to natural materials in all other components of our products and do not use plastic at all. But that's not all. Due to the cork of the balance board roller, you don't need a mat for boarding and thus become even more flexible. In addition, the Balance Board Roll made of cork offers you a pleasant rolling behavior due to its good mix of grip and slip. When you jump on your board or on the balance board roller, your jump is cushioned by the cork and there is hardly any noise. If you like to train in the fresh air, for example at the lake, then the water-resistant behavior of the cork comes in handy. So you don't have to worry - the Balance Board Roll made of cork does everything and holds and holds and holds and holds...

Our tip on the side: Add a little fascia training to your workout on the wahu board and the balance board roller. The Balance Board roller can be perfectly used as a fascia roller. So you don't need any additional equipment and can roll out your fascia with the Balance Board Roll after a workout. This keeps your body nice and smooth and tensions have no chance with the Balance Board Roller!

Board fun without limits & workout for the whole body

Balance Boards train your body holistically - that's the good news and the wonderful thing about our wahu Board and the Balance Board Roll. Depending on the exercise, the Balance Boards work different muscle groups and you will notice after the workout which muscles you use (too) seldom. With the wahu board and the balance board roller you train your core muscles, i.e. all abdominal and back muscles. This is important because you need them not only in everyday life, but also in most sports. The great thing about it is that you don't train muscle group by muscle group separately - as you do on the machines in the gym, for example - but in interaction, in movement.

But not only your core muscles are activated by training with balance boards. In order to keep your balance on the wahu board and the balance board roller, you also have to use your leg and pom muscles. Add to that your arms for balancing and poof.... your entire musculoskeletal system is in action. After just a few practice sessions with Balance Boards, you will notice that your balance and coordination skills improve enormously: You can react much faster to a movement of the Balance Board roller. This of course means that you will soon be able to perform much more demanding tricks on the wahu board and the balance board roller. The learning curve for the wahu board and the balance board roller is very steep - we get this confirmed again and again by the lively feedback from our customers. So go ahead, dare yourself and be happy about your daily progress, which will of course also help you when practicing other fun sports. Because even when surfing, skateboarding, free running or parcours you need strong overall muscles and a balanced posture. With our free instructional videos on Facebook and Instagram , we'll show you how to get started on the board and with the balance board roller. We'll start small so you have a clean grasp of the basics. With this confidence you can then try more difficult tricks on the balance board roller, for example the low knee bend or the hands on board drop.

There are many boards, but wahu is unique!

We have inspired you and you want to buy a wahu board with balance board roller right now? Good decision! Then you can choose your favorite design in our store right now. Ocean Blue, Wooden Red or Day & Night Twill - what would you like? No matter which one you choose, all of them are super stable due to their 12 wood layers and the surface made of real wood veneer. The perfect rockashape allows you unlimited freedom of movement and leads to pure creativity on the wahu board. Of course, we offer the wahu board and the balance board roller as a practical set. The balance board roller is also virtually indestructible due to the robust cork and can handle any action.

So that not only you on the wahu board, but also the wahu board itself makes a good figure, we have developed cool accessories. With the wall mount made of 100 percent real wood, which is perfectly matched to the wahu board, you can put your board in the limelight... and have tidied up at the same time.

But that's still not enough for us. We not only want to offer you fun, training and a cool lifestyle, but sustainability is also extremely important to us. That's why we fish 1 kilogram of plastic out of the Indian Ocean near Bali for every wahu board. In addition, our boards, balance board reel and packaging are 100% plastic free. And you know what? It's not only good for the environment, it's good for you too!

Do you have any questions about the Balance Board Roll?

If you have any further questions about the wahu board, the balance board roller or the training, we will be happy to help you. Just give us a call, send us an email or chat with us. Our wahu balance board specialists will surely have the right answer for you (and the right wahu board with balance board roller for you ;-). We are also happy to share our favorite tricks on the wahu board with you - of course individually adapted to your training level. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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